The neglected push market

entrepreneurial process, many have the potential of the market, there is a huge business opportunities in the market, often because people do not understand, not familiar with, and was ignored, can not dig back. To push the market, so it is!


said "push", people will think of what? Mobile phone as one falls, another rises "beep" prompt: "do you have a new email", "micro-blog 5 new reply" and "20 application upgrade" and "Shenzhen thunderstorm tomorrow", these are the push, but not comprehensive. There are many applications to push the scene, almost everything will pop up the dialog box out of the information need to use push technology.

"you can from time to time on the computer brush mailbox to see if there are any new mail, you can brush a tech blog to see if there is no update, but not in the mobile terminal in this way is feasible. Mobile terminal, people’s time is fragmented, attention is easy to disperse, the need to use push mechanism to get new messages in a timely manner. With the development of mobile Internet, the application will be pushed more and more scenarios." JPush (Aurora push) CTO Zhang Hu said.

push technology by many people described as "information express", the customer’s pictures, text, statements and other information sent to the designated location. In order to ensure the "express" can accurate and timely delivery, JPush takes a long way to connect, Zhang Hu said "long connection is a way of pushing" only, while the other way round robin is a "pseudo push", because the latter is no matter a few minutes to the server to check if there is a new message, all inevitably there will be different degrees of delay. The long connection is similar to a forever online state, as WeChat will never be particularly online power consumption, JPush also uses a number of technical means to reduce power consumption.

in the push technology, users are most concerned about is nothing more than the service rate, stability and security issues, and these JPush have certain technical support. JPush provides a mechanism to guarantee the client must receive push, as long as the user network without exception, to ensure the delivery rate of 100%; all services have more backup, to ensure stable and reliable services; another 3 deployment point in the north of Guangzhou Five Star room, as a disaster recovery.