Localization of mobile phone sales more than half a million yuan

has now become a mobile Internet era, under a background of this, the number of mobile phone users in China also reached an unprecedented number of data, and mobile phone related industries is rising.

"accurately speaking, this is a combination of wireless terminal positioning and communication function, the elderly and children wear in hand, relatives can know about the location of the wearer, can even hear the sound around, when the wearer is in danger, but also can be a key for help." Liang Jiarong told reporters that this phone can not only a key dial, but also the scope of the preset security activities, once the elderly or children to leave the safe area, relatives can receive alarm information.

this model how to make money? Liang Jiarong said that the main mode of profit through two channels, that is, selling hardware and selling services. This mobile phone cost is 470 yuan, the price is 790 yuan, from February since the start, he has sold about 1200 units, sales revenue of nearly one million yuan. After market testing, consumers generally accept this price. Today’s sales are growing at more than 20% a month.

"to the number of users reached a certain scale, we will rely on providing value-added services to their networking platform." Liang Jiarong said that in the future, the company will provide the elderly and children living alone to find missing, agency services and other services. At present, the initial service fee is 10 yuan per month.

for a group of users rely on the rapid growth as the main profit point of the product, the marketing strategy will not only depend on the traditional retail. In the promotion, Liang Jiarong said that at present, he is contact and the number of Primary School of Yubei District Civil Affairs Bureau and Yubei District, hoping to provide some mobile phone equipment to the students and the elderly at cost price, and use the solemn commitment company provides agency services in the last two years shall not charge any fees.

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