2016 Nanjing and the property market bar on the regulatory system to upgrade

is the real estate market in the whole society in areas of common concern, prices of the wind sways grass affects a lot of people’s nerves, for the real estate market, in order to ensure the steady and healthy development, and then upgrade the supervision system of Nanjing! Real number, increase sales, steal area…… Recently, the Nanjing property market a variety of chaos again. In order to further regulate market order, purify the market environment, the real estate market in Nanjing city comprehensive law enforcement office issued last night, according to the Ministry of housing in November 25th teleconference requirements, strengthen supervision and inspection on the sale of the real estate market behavior further.

purification market environment, a total of 5 points.

one is to carry out a special inspection of the real estate market intermediary behavior, based on self-examination, inspection of the District, the city’s real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office for a period of 6 days of supervision and inspection of the district.

is the two of the housing speculation acts to maintain a high pressure situation, discovered, investigated and dealt with, no punches, as long as found problems, urge the relevant area of a check in the end.

not long ago, Lishui, Liuhe, there is an intermediary called real number, was a complaint to buy a house, after the implementation of the comprehensive real estate law enforcement agencies involved in the matter were investigated.

three is strongly regulate sales practices, to false propaganda, deception to mislead the consumer behavior, such as gifts, while the additional increase, interviewed the development of enterprises, rectification.

unpopular in the property market, a variety of non-standard sales behavior. Not long ago, north of the city real estate because of the promise of "three real" delivery into "two rooms" by the owners of complaints and in fact, the so-called "three room" is to position the ventilation shaft with illegally built, it is the urban management department were prevented from. Real estate has Jiangxinzhou illegal fare 20-50 million yuan of real estate, real estate and comprehensive law enforcement office.

four is to strengthen sectoral linkage, real estate, prices, industry and commerce, land, Construction Committee and other departments collaboration, joint investigation, to form a joint force.

Modern Express reporter learned that, in the investigation of false materials cheat proof of purchase, is the result of the joint efforts of the land, human resources, public security and other departments.

five is to implement the territorial responsibility, urge the pay more attention to daily management, earnestly perform their duties, the formation of long-term supervision mechanism.

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Express News (reporter Yang Feifei Ma Lele) December 8th, Nanjing City Planning Bureau official website hung out recommended