Entrepreneurship spotted it avoid joining scam trick

now entrepreneurs choose to join the project, the trap is more and more, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, Xiaobian now we expose several typical join tricks, I hope you learn a lesson, pay more attention to anti cheat.

free store decoration design

second strokes: the fee can be returned to

the promise, the cost can be returned, such as: initial fee, contract performance, gold decoration costs. At the same time, it will be stipulated that the cumulative amount of purchase to achieve how much, to return the number of charges, until the end of the return. The surface is very fair, actually just want to cheat you cheat fees, did not consider the long-term cooperation with you, even if the bear the high purchase price, the cumulative purchase back part of the cost, but also in the long run, the crooks will from your total purchase in obtaining more lucrative profit fraud.

Swindlers Company will require that the cost return after the purchase, where the cumulative reach a certain amount can be obtained by a few percent of the reward. This is only the release of the smoke of the bullets, you do not even the operating costs of the store can not earn back, and how to complete the high performance of the provisions of the swindlers who do?

Fourth strokes: free distribution

liar to attract you to join, will design a lot of traps, which will have a free distribution. Both the so-called Garner 18 thousand yuan to join the cost of Swindlers Company to give you free shop goods of $24 thousand. On the face of it, Swindlers Company to join the shop more than 6 thousand yuan of goods. But in fact the liar is according to the sales price guide to join the distribution, the actual cost only a few thousand dollars, most are not more than 6 thousand yuan.

fifth strokes: safe exit

sixth move:

protection area

liar in order to cheat some fees, often joined in the protected area promised repeat put some franchisees. A liar will put all the real situation of franchisees recommended