Restaurants near the school to open these four points

is a student’s people, we all know that the student population is a huge accumulation of wealth, whether in restaurants, snack shops, banks, bookstores and so on student groups can bring huge benefits to them, in the face of so much interest in the market, how can you maximize the benefits? Please see below:

opened a restaurant near the school, the main consumer of course, students and teachers. For this type of population, in the light of the season there is a small point, so take the business strategy is different. What’s the technique of opening a restaurant near the school?

restaurant near the school to open these four points

1, develop product differentiation objectives

through market research and segmentation, find suitable for students to taste the cuisine. Because the restaurant near the school, students from all over the country, so that each of the students are satisfied with the meal is not possible, to do better for certain operating characteristics, with different grades of service to different customer groups respectively.

2., master management fees and marketing costs to establish cost advantage strategy

careful procurement of materials, timely cost accounting, timely maintenance of the restaurant investment and cost control. Establish and improve the management system, while doing a good job of quality control, but also to do a good job of cost control.

3, the establishment of technology and service advantages, increase core competitiveness

personalized service to customers, and constantly increase the level of technology and innovative dishes. For example, according to the customer’s last consumption of the menu, through the analysis of the characteristics of the customer’s taste, to recommend the most suitable taste and favorite dishes. Wait until the Spring Festival, new year’s day or the birthday of the customer to send a card signed by the manager to communicate with the customer’s feelings, so that the old customers become old friends.

4, do

delivery system

good breakfast and supper, the implementation of reservation system delivery inconvenient for students.