Hunan Wu’s pig investment introduction


first baked in the food and beverage market in pig’s trotters shop everywhere, the business seems to be booming, but the real money or those with a long history of operating experience in projects such as the Hunan pig’s trotters, Wu’s pig. In 1928 Wu Jia grandmother began to do the research methods and obtained the pig, when officials, diners to praise, to the 1955 Wu daughter-in-law Li Aizhi got grandma’s face every Sunday, five yard is always filled with diners eat pig, until now, the Wu family full of granddaughter Wu Yuehong again pass and, through repeated deployment, finally by making the old, traditional ingredients, do good flavor afraid of the whole pig, mother and son named "Wu Junwu’s pig" on August 2005 officially owns a small store.

Hunan Wu’s pig investment costs

authentic Wu Junwu’s pig by high temperature filtration, to remove excess oil, how much to eat does not feel greasy, from the source to the pig pig out of the pot with the slightest capsicum and listed no preservatives, the spirit of "conscience with sincerity sell pig pig," the purpose to do every day, just a few years gold, silver, and as the people’s reputation, reported Wu Junwu’s pig get all the media, 2010 formally incorporated "Wu Junwu’s" food company.

Hunan Wu’s pig cost to join

franchisee self owned shops and the cost of all responsible for the site, the franchisee business management.

join fee 30 thousand (contract period of 3 years of 1).

brand royalties, regional protection fees, brand promotion fee of 8000 yuan per year.

Hunan Wu’s pig store notes

1, in the construction area of 10-30 square meters, the door should be a good display of Wu Junwu’s brand, the need to highlight the advertising effect. According to the franchisee’s standard decoration Junwu wu.

2, business district: the city’s main business district, there is a good atmosphere of food, publicity and display the best location for the main site of the target, the greater the flow, the better.

3, a large food market or community gathering place, near the University; there is a substantial flow of people, the street facade will.

4, franchisees need to choose the appropriate location according to the actual situation of the shopping district around the location.

Wu’s feet, not your taste, less investment, high profit, is the best choice for business investment, please consult the message.