How to deal with project sales

what is project sales? How to manage the project? How to improve project sales? Below, may wish to understand together, together to look at, so that you better behind the business, to become rich!


project sales management, its essence lies in the three "change": process, standardization, tools. I will be in another article: "process control of industrial product sales" magic "discussed. Here, I would like to borrow a little chess experience, talk about the sale of the project off the field Kung fu. By analogy, higher than the control of sales look back to see the sales management, may produce more practical understanding of project sales.

checkers, is found from place to place the shortcut. With their own or rival pieces, to a N jump, is a chess player is willing to do things. Step by step, is the basis for the pursuit of N jump, it is the pursuit of. Project sales, after a number of professional discussion and demonstration, the basic steps, joints, you can finalize. However, Ye Dunming found that: from the beginning of the customer leads to the final signing of the implementation, how many steps to go, not completely fixed mechanical action.

cannon, Malaysia jump, play chess routines to be familiar with. Who can produce Qiao, Qiao can take effect. Project sales, although each time will be different, but essentially the same. Therefore, to learn the routines, routines, can be hundreds of times, the success rate is rising.

to routine practice, it must be sold in the project of repeated exercise, to review and summary. Because sales need to move, need a lot of "quick" Practical Study on weekdays is very important. Sales of industrial products, the comprehensive requirements of high. Light will not say, will have to write, will speak, will be passed, will share. Ye Dunming think, with reflection and summary, three years of actual combat sales, may be more than those who have worked for the pure experience of the past ten years.

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