College students earn million tea

for college students, campus entrepreneurship can not only get their own exercise, but also to reduce the burden on the family. Campus life is always a business opportunity, we often see in the campus store opened by students. The following small series to introduce you to a successful example of college students in the school, I hope you have seen after inspiration.

21 vacation, she returned to her hometown of Lishui, it just hit a tea factory in charge of tea. "This should be very profitable, otherwise they are so busy tired, but also smiling face." Then, she spent two hundred yuan to buy some tea, in the pedestrian street set up a small stalls selling a call up, a day and a half after the tea is sold out. Afterwards, no, actually earned nearly 200 yuan. Profits reached 100%." 1000 dollars to start a business, which makes her more determined to choose the business, work for others, as their boss.

however, the first business is not smooth. Her tea after the opening, the total business lackluster. Once she got five thousand yuan Spring Snail, because the quality of tea can not sell the roots, and eventually had to lose sale. 1000 dollars of business, which is mainly found in Zang girl, because of their tea into the tea is not utterly ignorant of, the leaves are old, speculation is too far, so the tea was empty. "After two months, I start cramming tea knowledge, but also ask a lot of experienced tasters." Zang sister said, is full of tea time, hang a thick notebook with the selected tea. Two months of training, let sister suddenly lost Zang ten pounds, but a genuine understanding of tea connoisseur.