Build a conservation oriented society to extend battery life

go out in the outside, most cannot do without is closely related to us transportation, we vigorously called for a conservation minded society today, people’s awareness of environmental protection, electric vehicles become the people’s choice, but how to extend the life of electric vehicles, the electric vehicle battery life, we become imminent problems.

A, "every car every day, charging".

lead-acid battery no memory, so to reduce battery capacity fast is mainly vulcanization and "dehydration" and "electricity shortage" and other reasons, the battery is afraid of losing power under pressure, the battery often "power loss", the battery plate easily injured, strong current electrode plate is reduced when electric discharge battery capacity of up to 70% in reality (starting current) injury (especially electric motor), battery electrode plate strain belongs to physical damage, the damage can not be repaired. Therefore, every day car, charging every day to ensure that the battery at any time there is sufficient voltage becomes inevitable.

two, add distilled water regularly.

users generally thought, maintenance free batteries do not add water, in fact this is wrong. Maintenance free battery during charging and discharge process will generate heat, the heat will have water evaporation, although the process of water evaporation is very slow, but for a long time, the cumulative evaporation of water quantity can not be overlooked. Therefore, every 6 months or so should be to recharge the battery once, so that the battery life will be extended.

three, smart electric car startup force.

four, on a quarterly battery depth of discharge.

five, always observe the charger is good or bad.

six, is not used for a long time when the battery is at least a month to give a battery charging.

> the purpose of doing so is to prevent