What money can not take the early start

early days, for many entrepreneurs, the most is the lack of money, a lot of people at this time "Remedise", took the money should not take the lead, the late development of affected. So, some money should not be taken from the beginning. So, what money can not start early?

next door Wang last year for the first time entrepreneurs, there is a traditional industry boss is very optimistic about Wang, Wang one million investment, but accounted for seventy percent of the shares. Wang did not care about, feel their first venture, no experience, no resources, some people are willing to pay, but also willing to make their own shares feel good, stronger than work.

a year later when the company do a little improvement, team members feel confident that a bright future is in our hands, ready to go to the capital market financing, found out that the ownership structure didn’t have the money to finance. And then try to talk to the major shareholder of traditional enterprises, hoping to sell shares, or to the team shares, things are not ideal. Major shareholders to propose a plan, five million of the shares to buy back to the other, not to consider the other seventy percent. The company is also facing a tight chain of funds, is worried about the death of wang.

this is a very typical one at the beginning of the may not take the money, resulting in the back of the whole thing into a very passive situation, and even the company’s decline and collapse.

in the end what money can not take it?

1, unequal terms

if the investment agreement, the emergence of excessive shares, abnormal gambling, all kinds of strict supervision and other terms, or is to negotiate with investors, or may be considered appropriate for investors.

this inequality may be in the middle and late stages of the enterprise to produce a very fatal injury.

2, by the name of cheap


investors may promise a variety of resources before investment, such as "XXX," leadership is ripe "XX company CEO very well," XXX traffic is certainly help you guide "and so on, and hope the valuation discount, even a very low price to enter.

these resources may be very reliable, the company is very need for these resources, but I would prefer to be in these resources when the cash discount.

3, the identity of minority shareholders, the rights of major shareholders

some investors the identity of minority shareholders, but in the company’s decision-making, capital use, personnel appointments and other aspects of the major shareholder rights, or even a veto.