What are the farmers’ friends in rural areas

farmer friends now rely on a little food has been unable to meet the needs of life, let alone get rich. So many farmers friends looking for venture capital investment in the rural areas of good projects, today, full network Xiaobian to introduce some friends for many farmers to join the investment in the rural rich project.

in rural entrepreneurship, the first to do the cultivation of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.;

second to do the processing of agricultural products, such as plastic greenhouse cultivation of anti season vegetables, such as planting and processing of edible fungus;

A, to suit their own. As the saying goes: " gehangrugeshan ". Therefore, we should try to choose their own professional, experience, interest, expertise can hang the hook project.

two, to see the selected project or product market prospects. For entrepreneurs to visit the local market. The development of the project should have a direct profit. Some products are in great demand, but the high cost, low profit, busy shouting There are plenty of people who earn a.

three, from reality, not tandaqiuquan. A project aimed at the best appropriate intervention, with less investment to understand the market, wait until you know when to go, a lot of investment.

four, to try to choose a large potential for development projects. Select the project not to others, as some of the most popular pick the most profitable industry, without any assessment, a head in. You know, those industries tend to be saturated market, even if there is a little space, the profit is not as large as the early.

five, to carefully study and scientific choice. Nowadays, all kinds of information are filled in every corner, and many people choose the items according to the information. Therefore, we must look at the information, good analysis, without the field investigation and understanding of the existing user management, do not easily invest. Re inspection, take a look at the information released by the company’s strength and reputation, of course, to the local business management department to understand the situation: two to see the project maturity, how there is no equipment, services, production can not be immediately listed; three to see the project implementation in the number of business such as how the.

six, should be three " or ". With the process of project implementation, must first pay the work, do not take their hard-earned money, only a contract or agreement, it is easy to pay each other; must not believe in each other’s promises in the contract should be completed, in order to prevent the other party to the contract to bring their own losses; not for the rich, specially selected can be an easy job to do.