Not all goods do not make money

even if your service is good, the price of the products you sell again benefits, but if you have a limited variety of goods, the store’s business will naturally be blocked. "Boss, you this shop, Austrian, no, is a small supermarket, although the location is good, the environment is comfortable, good service attitude, but that is not enough variety of goods, merchandise inventory is not much……" At the beginning of the year, many customers told me more than once. Then there was the most worrying outcome: a lot of customers turned around and left me.

Since the

supermarket opened, although I ran hard from dawn to dusk, but due to limited space, the variety and quantity of goods is not enough, not enough, so the benefits have been on the go. "Not all the goods do not make money" this sentence is true I feel. Seeing a lot of customers shaking their heads, the heart is really not the taste.

in the early summer season, has been looking for new business opportunities sister no longer occupy my other shop, so I and her husband to discuss the expansion of business scale, in the space and the type and quantity of goods to expand.

said to do it, because of the high cost of labor, so as long as we can do it ourselves, we will never ask people. Paint the walls, apply for cigarette cabinets, shelves, purchase, sorting, cleaning glass. More than ten days busy all the way, we have to pay a lot of thought, hard work and sweat, at the same time, the supermarket environment is also a day like.

"Oh, a few days to the supermarket, many bright, also added a lot of goods." "Wow! Come and see, there are so many delicious and funny things in the supermarket!" "The boss, there are a few days of my baby is going to tie the knot, and from here to buy."

only more goods, customers will be more choices, so as to make the store business can be better protected. Because of this, when the autumn comes, the new development of the shops, a pile of business one after another, the original look forward to good economic benefit for a long time rujierzhi, busy in our laughter.