Yingshang County phoenix nest to attract home business personnel

modern society is in an era of entrepreneurship, under a new background of this, some migrant workers returning home for business activities is also of concern, in Yingshang County Anhui province is now in the implementation of the "phoenix nest" project, to promote entrepreneurship.

The implementation of the "phoenix nest" project

"link" publicity hometown changes. The organization of Yingshang County planning staff to carry out investigations, focusing on the typical rich area of migrant workers in Mopai, build out entrepreneurial success information files, grasp the basic situation of these personnel, including those engaged in industry, business scale, contact. Strengthen planning staff, usually by telephone, SMS, junk mail and other means of migrant workers, the development and changes in recent years home home business on the rewards of supporting policies, and actively guide and encourage migrant workers returning home for business.

"frequently move" feelings of home family. Take the "going out" and "please come in the way of combining Yingshang County cadres to" go out "to understand the home business of the personnel and business situation. At the same time, take the please come in the form of the organization to return home to understand the home economic development highlights, to seek their views and suggestions on the development of their hometown, and as far as possible to help them solve practical difficulties.

"support" to build a business platform. Yingshang County focus for home business personnel to provide a good business environment, market access, business registration, tax relief, financial credit, land transfer and other aspects of the introduction of a series of preferential policies, in accordance with the convenient transportation, facilities, multilateral radiation ", home business provides land, factory building, labor and other services for people to go out member, joint venture, to attract migrant workers returning home, industrial investment.

"excellent service" to solve the menace from the rear. Take regular visits, tracking service, timely understanding of ofreturned venture development and operation, coordination of all the departments for home business personnel escort, to ensure that they can succeed, can smoothly Shouye, Societe generale.


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