Fujian venture base total investment of about 800 million yuan

positive response to the national call, actively carry out public entrepreneurship, innovation ", in the process of economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship has become a sign of the times, many places set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. This time, a total of about 800 million yuan investment in Fujian entrepreneurial base camp, the following specific understanding.

based on government guidance, market driven, innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship in our province to carry out multi-level investment and financing services, achieved remarkable results. According to preliminary statistics, in 2015 the province’s public record and enterprise team space services received a total investment of about 800 million yuan, of which 700 million yuan of social investment, the public record space itself about 100 million yuan of investment, venture capital financing service market.

It is reported that

, at present, our province all kinds of public record space number more than 300, there are 12 national public record filing, space 49 identified as the provincial public record; there are 136 incubators (the national incubator 11, provincial incubator 31), hatch area of 2 million 80 thousand square meters, 3375 enterprises in incubation, entrepreneurial positions 69 thousand. Last year, the province’s new technology business incubators 60.

in order to strengthen the innovation of investment and financing services, in 2015, our province arranged 30 million yuan of special funds to support small and micro enterprise patent pledge loan discount special funds and risk compensation, to support the financing of small and micro enterprises through the risk compensation mechanism, and set up the scale of 300 million yuan in Fujian province innovation angel investment fund and bio medicine and new venture investment fund, 13 professional new industry venture capital fund set up to guide the country (the total size of 3 billion 130 million yuan), completed a total of 69 projects invested 1 billion 570 million yuan.

at the same time, actively promote the Internet and high-tech innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on their own positioning and development, to meet the requirements of the exchange listing, listing, expanding the scale of equity financing. Increase the listing of the Internet and high-tech innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises classified guidance in the second half of 2015 to raise funds through refinancing more than 5 billion yuan.

last year, the new enterprise financing channel equity trading center 2 billion 820 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 215%; at the end of the year a total of 1634 listed companies, more than at the beginning of 421, an increase of 34.71%; a total of 6 teams for the public to raise product, financing 3 million 511 thousand yuan. Strait equity trading center in 2016 total revenue exceeded 50 million yuan, the new listed companies in 500.

province has also created a number of entrepreneurial base camp. Last year, the new arrangements for special funds 2 million yuan, the provincial identified the entrepreneurial base of the 10 (Internet Venture Park, incubation base), to give each of the 200 thousand yuan of financial subsidies. All levels of the organization of the province’s annual cumulative issuance of youth entrepreneurship loans 5131 pen.