Cigarette brand marketable can cause customers attention

different owners, the business philosophy of the products will be different. Some owners to pursue a full range of product lines, and some shopkeepers are the main product series. The cigarette brand sales, not to say that the more varieties, the more the better, but according to the geographical location of their shops and the surrounding customer’s economic situation and consumer demand. To achieve the overall consideration, careful planning, choose marketable brand, do not blindly follow the trend, ".

my shop in the town and the rural areas of the Department, near the village of several villagers generally choose cigarettes are 5 – $10 price. According to this situation, when I was in the County tobacco companies cigarette, the main choice for local tastes and prices of cigarettes. As a result, to avoid blindness, in the cigarette sales to strengthen targeted.

and the villagers have weddings and funerals, mostly 10 – 20 yuan cigarette. When I ordered cigarettes, I would like to celebrate the Chinese red packaging. I think, marketable and the needs of the customer brand is the best brand. In the purchase of cigarette brand, I strive to see the market demand, targeting. The brand is not allowed to smoke, listen to the views of smokers, if they recognize me on the decisive purchase.

for the new tobacco companies cigarette promotion, in my enemy, baizhanbudai policy, to conduct a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the new cigarette. Because I know, a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of new cigarettes is a key link in the new cigarette sales, if the retail households do not understand the characteristics of new products and selling points, how to recommend to consumers? At the same time, the surrounding market research and analysis. According to the taste of cigarettes, packaging and price, etc., docking customers, targeted referrals.

remember this spring, the client manager recommended a new cigarette to me. I see this cigarette packaging is very fashionable, the price is not expensive, give a person a kind of atmosphere, simple feeling, very suitable for young people’s taste. So, I pay attention to the store to buy cigarettes young customers. As long as there are young smokers into the shop, I will send a new cigarette to let them taste, and ask them to talk about the feelings of the product after the suction. Soon, this new cigarette will be the majority of young smokers love, I ordered more than and 10 new cigarettes sold in less than a week.

at the same time, I also pay attention to the customer’s different consumption habits and tastes, reasonable distribution of cigarette brands. Because my shop is located in the county and the outskirts of the Department, the county’s customers accounted for 1/3, accounting for rural customers accounted for 2/3. Most of the cigarette consumption of residents in the county is above the middle level, and the consumption of rural smokers is mostly in the middle and low.

so, I according to the usual sales and customers of different categories, according to the proportion of the brand, mid-range and above the cigarette every time the order is stable at 30%, low smoke stable >