Chu Street goods hot dry noodles join how much money

hot and dry noodles everyone must have eaten, this is a no water for pasta, sesame flavor with the silky feeling, make you unique delicious pasta. Sauces and taste buds on the surface impact in your life is good feeling. Wuhan is the birthplace of hot dry noodles, hot dry noodle in Wuhan blossom everywhere, but do not have a few good, "Chu Street" is like a dark horse hot dry noodles, talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the market, in just a few months to conquer the public’s tongue, even the most discerning Wuhan are full of praise, quickly, as the acme of perfection, won a good reputation in the city of Wuhan, "Chu Street products" hot dry noodle shop to open a fire, all queues, won praise for a sound.

Chu street a hot dry noodles join how much money?

why "Chu Street" hot noodles in the more discerning eyes of Wuhan alone by the Green Mi, why the people of "Chu Street" hot and dry noodles have a special liking, because "Chu Street" hot noodles inherited the traditional flavor, the core ingredients and the special process especially, the hot dry noodles to make delicious, "Chu Street" hot dry noodles delicious people can not refuse, its unique flavor, fragrance and let customers, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

joined the Chu Street goods advantage:

hot and dry noodles

1, to provide all aspects of technology and processes, enjoy life free upgrades.

2, secret sauce ingredients, others can not imitate, make you rich security.

3, Professor shop experience, providing shop, renovation planning program, advertising support, opening business management guidance.

4, a number of investment programs, a few million dollars of funds, quickly, really low threshold.

5, unified brand: headquarters of unified business, unified brand, unified training, uniform mixing, distribution, unified operation, unified management, unified service, unified propaganda, what do not let you worry about, make your business worry free.

7, no seasonal: all the year round can do, delicious products, low prices, selling all over the country.

8, regional protection (1000 meters to join the region does not join the second).

Chu street a product join fee:

join fee: 17 thousand yuan, margin: $1 thousand, renovation fee: 15 thousand yuan

equipment fee: 5000 yuan, standby fee: $5000, total investment of 43 thousand yuan