Electricity supplier myth female strong artificial wealth

due to the prevalence of the Internet, more and more people like to shop on the Internet, which is very convenient to choose what they like, which appeared in e-commerce. E-commerce on the line, it won the pursuit of consumers, which also contains a huge business opportunities. After 80 women to see this business opportunity, quickly into the venture, the ultimate achievement of ten million wealth, is a big magic in the electricity business. Here to understand her entrepreneurial process.

"day after I will only half day classes, half of the family, half of the work." Said this, Cao Qinggang had just finished a pregnancy test, her child will be born in more than and 60 days. "Now the company has various departments responsible person, the team is very mature, I hope to put more time at home".

"as head of the history of fortune’s fastest shop seven princess", Cao Qing thought that the work is for a happy life.

2006, 24 year old girl in Linping Cao Qing started with $4000, with the name of the "seven space" in Taobao opened a shop.

through e-commerce, to achieve financial freedom, enjoy your life.