2012 most rural farming inventory

faces 2012 then come, we are not in the idle, of course now farmers are not idle. They have to find some money about farming industry.

several recommended donkey breeds: Dezhou donkey, donkey, Guan Zhonglv improvement.

clothing poop in the countryside should be a most worthy of consideration, although the rural economy has been improved, but the speed is slowly there is always room for improvement. People pay attention to the benefits, really, quality is not too bad, in the countryside to poop is good, is the clothes on a rural market most are from small wholesale, considerable profits, like the big city began to fashion rural may not popular, even for a few months to a year period apart, the rural market is here. Although there are some brands, the brand is also very impressive, but the only part of the consumer groups, most as the demand but the price will still stand in front stopped. Brand consumption has not been substantial.

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