51CTO was 100 million yuan B round of financing to open investment led investment

investment community on October 10th news, recently, IT talent training platform 51CTO was 100 million yuan B round of financing, this round of financing by the opening of investment led investment. CEO Xiong Ping said that the current 51CTO platform has 70 thousand courses, after this round of financing, the company will continue to force in the field of education, expand existing business, to help the growth of technical personnel.

51CTO was founded in 2005, known as the "Beijing worry creators Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a company focused on the development of IT technology innovation and dissemination of knowledge for the Internet Co, to provide IT practitioners, experience sharing, technical exchanges, occupation development, product channels and other three-dimensional ecosystem services. In August 2014, the company received Deveau funds 10 million yuan Angel round of financing; November 2015, billions of dollars in A round of financing by the common fund and Deveau Zhi capital letters and the Senate voted.


data show that since 2005 when the technical staff of the community started, 51CTO has accumulated 14 million registered users, registered users in the study, more than 2 million users, pay the conversion rate of about 5%. Xiong Ping introduced: in this process, 51CTO almost did not make phone calls, do not pay to do a special conversion, there is a huge potential to dig."

since 2010, users of online education in China maintained more than 10% growth rate, online education platform began to receive favorable capital, and then divided into more than one track, IT training is now due to the development of the earlier development of a segment of the track is relatively mature. In such a competitive background, Xiong Ping said: 51CTO and other people’s different ideas, is to do the platform to do user service. The biggest difference technology and other fields, is derived from actual combat, all the time in the continuous innovation, cultivate their own teachers would be affected by the restrictions, it will still continue to use the way of signing a part-time teacher."