ndia prime minister proposed to start ndia the rise of ndia entrepreneurial plan


Chinese is carrying out the thriving entrepreneurial career at the same time, with the large population of India also put forward a new business plan. Various tax incentives and other preferential measures to make India entrepreneurs easier to start.

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modi 16 held in New Delhi on the first "new India" conference, meeting with 2000 entrepreneurs from India, Silicon Valley and other places.

he introduced in the General Assembly entitled "India launched a series of measures, stand up India" program, which includes new ventures after the establishment of the first three years, do not have to pay income tax to the government, legal review will not be labor, environment etc..

refers to new ventures in the early stages of development of enterprises.

2015 September, modi to visit the Silicon Valley in the United States called on investors to turn their attention to India’s emerging ecosystem of innovation. Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai City, has now become a large science and technology center.

venture for role in promoting economy has gained worldwide acceptance. The future will be entrepreneurs in the world, to reverse the current economic development of the low momentum from the starting.

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