After 80 entrepreneurs taking over the family photography gorgeous transformation

There are many factors that influence a person’s life

, which accounted for the largest from the family, for example, one of the teachers in the home, the family will become a literary family, are engaged in the teaching profession generation after generation of descendants. After 80 entrepreneurs Zhang Lingjun is taking over the business of photography, gorgeous transformation, become a pioneer of female entrepreneurs.

family photo taking over

80 gorgeous transformation

– Name: Zhang Lingjun

– position: Hongkong Honeymoon Wedding photography company boss

– age: 33

– Experience: in 2009, she and her husband together over the parents run Hongkong Honeymoon Wedding photography company, and the success of its transformation from a simple wedding photography and wedding photography studios, planning for the core business of the company. At present, the company is still in Jiangmen peer leader.

26 years old took over his parents wedding photography business

26 years old from the parents took the wedding dress shop, Zhang Lingjun encountered the first problem: before the wedding photography is a business, with the market more and more pure photography studio, photography business competition is slowly increasing, how on the basis of the original, to maintain the company’s competitiveness, expand market share?

studios just set it received the results, many young people find the shop. During the off-season, with studios attractions package promotion, studios business will maintain steady growth. When it comes to wedding photography, Zhang Lingjun think the most important thing is to seize the young people’s preferences, and on the basis of the original innovation. "For example, at this point in time, what they like, what kind of point can make them excited, these are very important."

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