2015 will be the owners of the most painful year after shocking

now all traditional companies can not find the signs, a sense of crisis is very serious!   in the Internet era, how should the future road of transformation? How should go? Good profit companies worry about the poor profits of enterprises more worried. The biggest crisis of enterprises, not the amount of profit, but the future can clearly grasp.

sum down, China traditional enterprises in 10 aspects on the core issues faced in 2014:

1, the traditional marketing potential no

2, do not transform, such as death, fear of transition to death

transformation, the words have been said in 2013 rotten, but the two word is really about the life and death of enterprises. Especially large enterprises, with annual sales of over 1 billion enterprises, rely on traditional channels and the team, the transition easier said than done. Does it move? It’s hard. NOKIA’s corporate culture, management practices, patent innovation are the world’s top, but why disappear? The answer is simple, NOKIA and achievements of his time was lost.

for enterprises, there are two kinds of transformation. First, forced to transition, when the problem can not be resolved to focus on when forced restructuring of enterprises, the cost of this transformation is very large, but also very painful, but not surgery must die. Second kinds of transformation, is to anticipate the transformation, the business leaders of the strategic insight into the super capacity, this is the scarcity of entrepreneurs, such as IBM in the PC business sold to Lenovo, is when PC fast worthless in advance to sell a high price, IBM ahead of the completion of the transition, very successful. But this is very rare in the world of entrepreneurs.

3, senior executives of traditional companies aged

Chinese traditional business owners with an average age of 40 years or more, executives over 35 years of age, these people experience in traditional marketing areas.