What is the name of the company

everyone knows how important it is to get a suitable name for the company, but in the actual name of the time is still easy to fall into some errors, leading to the name of the shop to do the work is not ideal. Therefore, we only know in advance the existence of these errors, to be able to pay attention to the company’s name. So, what are the names of the company?

company was a misunderstanding: "Albert", "foundation" is too mundane, "industry", "industry" momentum

, according to incomplete statistics, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau library name "Albert" brand line of about 8000 companies, "foundation" do brand line of more than 2000 enterprises. Although the enterprise applicant cannot know the exact figures, but the Internet search keywords "Albert" limited "or" foundation "limited" six digit results and the billboard is enough to make them the name on the shelf.

Under the

, the enterprise the applicant believes that the "industry", "industry" is not only a sound momentum, but also in the name of the frequency is not high, consistent with its novelty seeking, subjective desire. However, in the name of the admissibility of the application process, the name of the name of "industry" or "industry" two words have been rejected.

This is because the

according to the "measures" article eighteenth of the implementation of the provisions of the administration of enterprise name registration, do not use the express terms of the national economy sectors enterprises engaged in the industry in the enterprise name, shall meet the following conditions:

The nature of the economic activities of

1. enterprises belong to more than 5 categories of the national economy industry;

2. enterprise registered capital (or registered capital) more than 100 million yuan or the parent company of the enterprise group;

3. is not the same as the name of the enterprise name approved or registered by the same administrative authority for Industry and commerce.

"industry" does not belong to the national economic industry category expressions, so the above three restrictions. Branch only accept the registered capital of 30 million yuan or less of the enterprise registration application, so the use of industrial name of the word to be dismissed two.

"industry" is a collection of micro economic cells (enterprises) and the macro economy as a whole (national economy), which is a collection of enterprises with the same attributes. It does not belong to the terms of the national economy industry category expression, and does not meet the conditions (a) the nature of the enterprise’s economic activities belong to the national economy more than 5 categories of industry rules, therefore dismissed.

The name of the

applicant should not blindly pursue the name of the new, the name of the approved name is the correct name structure, standardized industry category >