How to do the work of Xining police detachment clear spring

Spring Festival footsteps getting closer, many migrant workers began to embark on the journey home, how to do a good job in the spring? It is also a matter of urgency! In January 13th 2017 the Spring Festival is about to begin, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau of Xining police detachment to the majority of visitors to create a safe travel "Easy Access", "safe and orderly, warm spring festival Spring Festival Spring Festival" the overall goal, planning ahead, early deployment, early action, combined with the actual situation of detachment under the jurisdiction of the line, to achieve mobilization safety inspection, troubleshooting, emergency treatment and education synchronization in place, to prepare for the 2017 spring transportation security work.

2017 Spring Festival opened on the eve of Spring Festival held in 2017, Xining marshals detachment security mobilization meeting on the spring work in advance to the mobilization and deployment in advance, advance into the work of the state, and according to the problems in the Spring Festival last year, a careful analysis of the situation, in 2017 the "Spring Festival" to study and formulate a set of feasible "spring" security work plan. Asked the police to establish the overall awareness and sense of responsibility, the spirit of being highly responsible for the party and the people’s life and property, with high morale, a new look, to join the travel security work.

during the spring to ensure the absolute safety of passenger train, marshals detachment will check the dangerous explosion put on the train security first, request the police group strictly implement the security check risk "full coverage" measures, and resolutely to the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and all kinds of plugging in the car. At the same time, the requirement to carry out fire safety investigation in advance, and found out the hidden danger. In addition, the detachment will be sent a work team, to train key sections of pipe segment of the escort, to carry out a comprehensive "point, line and plane" passenger train control, build Easy Access for Spring Festival travel.

The spring

in order to ensure the security work smoothly, the organization of the police marshals detachment incident again and familiar with all kinds of emergency measures, request the police group in the crew work to the emergency plan as a guide, to take corresponding measures for emergency 11 meet and improve combat capability, especially for the Spring Festival may occur during the train of serious overcrowding the situation in a comprehensive analysis of the previous years, the detachment of passenger flow distribution, passenger car characteristics and train passing through the security situation area, will be targeted and continuing to focus on clean-up and remediation, ensure the safety of passenger train.

all police marshals detachment combined with job characteristics, based on the passenger train ride this propaganda position to carry out safety propaganda work deeply in many forms, in line focus section, key period to strengthen security propaganda, to remind passengers to take care of the belongings, prevent the occurrence of the problem of stolen, took the wrong or missing, and always smile, explanation won the "civilized duty, understanding and praise of the majority of passengers.

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