The electronic commerce enterprise rely on capital market boom set off

from the field of Chinese e-commerce apparel companies Mcglaughlin formally traded on nasdaq. At this point, the business started by mail order, from various points of view is not the best "Cinderella", before Dangdang, where customers and Jingdong, took off the "Chinese B2C enterprise IPO first single" hat. Skim China e-commerce enterprises can successfully listed not to say, this is a market boom, it plays a positive role in stimulating domestic demand Chinese market.

following the portal, search engines and online games and other companies listed, the end of the year, the domestic Internet companies set off a wave of overseas IPO, Chinese Internet companies get together and tide is about to turn e-commerce.

performance listed a month plunged

is reported that Mcglaughlin IPO priced at $11 per share, higher than previously expected to range from $8 to $10. Mcglaughlin sold a total of 11 million 740 thousand shares of American depositary receipts, raised about $129 million 170 thousand of funds.

Huaxing capital CEO Bao fan thinks, "Chinese enterprises recently in the United States capital on IPO performance is very good. Mcglaughlin under the name of China’s’ B2C first share ‘concept, the listing will be very successful."

listed for the performance of Mcglaughlin, Yi Kai capital CEO Wang also expressed optimism, I think that Mcglaughlin is not a pure e-commerce, it is a combination of e-commerce platform for consumer enterprises. Recently, we have seen Chinese consumer stocks are very popular, Mcglaughlin’s performance is also good."

however, it is worth noting that, although the B2C industry revenue growth is rapid, profitability is still not satisfactory. According to Mcglaughlin’s prospectus, which appeared in the 2010 first quarter loss of $1 million 550 thousand, net loss rate of -3%; second quarter net profit will rebound to $4 million 80 thousand, net profit reached 7%.

Mcglaughlin this phenomenon will soon be confirmed.

Beijing time on the evening of November 30th, just listed more than a month of Mcglaughlin price plummeted, once 47% decline, the stock price dropping low of $7. The latest announced late Monday reported third quarter revenue grew 36%, net profit rose 246.4%.

Why is Mcglaughlin

after a bright earnings usher in such a tragic crash? Great challenge is Mcglaughlin’s line of business promotion seems to be caught in a dilemma: the first half of the new store number reached more than and 300, but the store’s revenue accounted for a significant decline in the ratio this year: fell by 27.2% last year to the three quarter of 20.6%. For the first Chinese e-commerce unit, the challenge is huge.

from the marketing point of view, Mcglaughlin’s share price fell so much, because it is in a stage before the listing of the market is shrinking, which will directly enhance the profit margin." Guo Hai, vice president of MediaV, believes that since there are a lot of things to do in the operation of the Mcglaughlin, so