10 reasons why the nternet is not Beijing Shanghai

now, the Internet is a very hot topic. However, Internet entrepreneurs choose Shanghai or Beijing? @ Pan Shiyi said, which has Shanghai dry Internet to Beijing Zhongguancun accent? Look, the gang is a look at the stem of the internet. Prior to the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Yu Zhengsheng has issued a sigh: Shanghai why can not retain Ma

so, why not do the Internet in Beijing, Shanghai,



1, Shanghai poor attention, pay attention to voice, speaking about the taste of fashion, lack of entrepreneurial spirit. Beijing Zhongguancun people that are not the head comb, clothes does not change, is to throw off the arm posture of the internet.


2, Beijing has the Internet culture circle, and a group of people in the cafe to the line salon, discuss the future development trend of the Internet, the most important, some people are willing to be a business mentor a hundred responses to a single call. Shanghai cafe is all sorts of petty bourgeoisie with a cup of cappuccino, enjoy your afternoon tea.


3, Beijing, Shanghai has Internet benchmark, the lack of benchmarking. Top 6 Internet Co (Baidu, Youku potatoes, Sohu,, Sina, SouFun) in Beijing. Top 10 Internet Co Shanghai only 1 (Xie Cheng).


4, Beijing Internet entrepreneurial talent. From the original Google China, Microsoft China, Sina, Sohu and so casually out of the top, are likely to create a new company. Shanghai’s Internet Co has not developed to the extent of incubation more entrepreneurial talent.


5, in Beijing, I heard that you are Zhongguancun male people cast envious eyes, think you have an ideal ambition, or perhaps a rich handsome; in Shanghai, I heard that you are Zhang Jiangnan, everyone agreed that you are the grass root.


6, Beijing’s dominance of the building, the most luxurious office decoration are from a lot of Internet Co. Shanghai is a Internet Co which landmark building? Where is the Internet more popular at a glance.


7, Shanghai college graduates go to famous financial institutions, Beijing is still a top technology home and ran to the Internet Co and Internet business.


8, Beijing Zhongguancun has gathered a group of private Internet Co, diligent, energetic and lively. You look at the Shanghai Zhangjiang hi tech, are state-owned enterprises, the world’s top 500. Where to see young blood, entrepreneurial dream