Ya ya website promotion new tools webmaster will use tools

(yaawa.com) leader Web3.0 frogs concept professional website, since the release of the popularity of large majority of Internet users. The traditional portal site is the content of the website editor, the user can only follow the established model of the site to find what they want. The frog Web3.0 really do what the user needs, what the site provides Web3.0 function requirements.

frogs December 3, 2007 on-line testing date, by the users and various well-known websites and content, stationmaster net, and 265 Chinese webmaster navigation, Sichuan online has reached a strategic cooperation partnership. Easy to understand RSS information aggregation function has been able to meet the needs of all users of information.

is precisely because the frog has a powerful function of information aggregation, so it is also a good way to promote your site! How to use the frog to promote it?

for example: we want to promote the "webmaster nets", we first apply for an account in "Ya yaawa.com frog", all columns are frogs intelligent polymerization, we only need to add a module, input module in stationmaster net website address in the address: http://s.admin5.com/, frogs can quickly put you the polymerization of RSS and you will find out the address, website of the information displayed in the module. Note: if you can not find the URL to enter the RSS, you can directly add the RSS address of the site can also be.


through the above operation, the webmaster web site of the latest information on the aggregation of all my Ya Ya page. This "frogs" all "Wayou" in my browsing page when you can see my polymerization "webmaster nets" of all information, click on any piece of information to the "webmaster" web site. Such a simple operation can achieve the purpose of promoting their website. Demo: http://s.www.yaawa.com/u/yhc266

at the same time, you can also add "subscribe to frogs" button on your website, through your website member force directly to the content of your website and subscribe to the frog’s home page, easy to own web site publicity to all members to frogs. Ya frog subscription tool production: enter the top right hand corner of the frog page tool is.

Ya Ya will take away your traffic? I think this is a lot of care about the webmaster! I can responsibly tell ya ya will never take away the flow of everyone. Because the frog is just a tool for information aggregation, we do not do anything, and the information gathered into the frog frog are directly to your site. What? Don’t worry about it! Promotion now!

, of course, in addition to aggregation of your web site content, you can also aggregate your own blog, QQ space, their interest in the site’s information, so that you know the world. And this page to your friends, but also to achieve a very good publicity effect.