Alert ENOM new domain name default or cause the domain name to be sold

as of last year the country began to crackdown on the Internet, although some treasure information against to a great extent, but a lot of people become the tide. Hundreds of thousands of domain or because content filtering is not perfect, or because of the record, or because of some unwarranted problem, directly by HOLD or disconnection. Domain name – the most basic of the Internet, the bottom of the application in the country by the "unprecedented" (language from Baidu when Li Yanhong’s black space) threat. So more than N webmaster domain name registration and space all moved abroad. I am one of them.

I chose ENOM

to the old site, and then found in a recent use: domain name defaults to there is a huge risk, even without your knowledge of being sold! I’m not alarmist, below I said I even more surprising things.

I registered the domain name of on 2010.2.22. After registration, I did not immediately enable. Because the work is more on the left. Until 3.16 I made a DNF information station, ready to use the online domain name, in order to allow players to enter the convenience, I did not enable the 3W domain name, the background directly into the @ domain name resolution. At that time, I found that the three option is the default point I did not go to the tube that it is the default ENOM some things (pictured below).


site on the line after a day, I went to the Google domain name (pictured below).


I was surprised, so quickly included it? I did not send any external links, and even the site is only a few directories have not added content.

but a closer look: included with the 3W domain name, the domain name I did not resolve ah! (I registered the domain name has also checked this domain name has not been registered before). But when I open the 3W site, more surprise is that it transferred to a registered domain name website, home page with a lot of advertising, the upper right corner there is a "buy this domain name domain name" link. (pictured below)


I am very depressed: is this domain name is not me? Can be literally "buy" to go? Open this link to the domain name trading site a full-featured network name. Then the web page in the middle of a big button to write "apply for the purchase of" the right of a customer service commissioner telephone. I took a look at the attitude of playing a bit, did not expect to pass. Then the woman inside said, almost choking me


I ask: is this domain name yours? I want to buy.

The other is the first

book for two seconds, then the horse.