CNNC under microscope

So take a look at

CNNIC, with a microscope because CNNIC tall image has long been popular with, like, a powerful extension of the CN domain name, the registration number has reached millions, has become the mainstream of information security domain, make contribution for several consecutive years of investigation, issued an important data on the Internet, the as a contribution to the development of the industry and so on. I’m going to be annoying. Fortunately, there are some small, local, not affect the overall situation blemish ignored, people should want to know estimates he didn’t see things. So people ignore, one is not put this attention, the reason is only two eye. Now the position of microscope has adjusted well, your eyes move over it, I was not due to mistaken laoyanhunhua.

      first, self contradiction. CNNIC2002 December 1st implementation of the "China CNNIC domain name registration rules" fourth regulations "domain name registration applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) shall be registered according to law and be able to independently bear civil liability organization". Is this the right person registered a great reputation limits the.CN domain name.

however, hanging on the front page of CNNIC of the March 17, 2006 implementation of the "China CNNIC domain name dispute resolution procedures" provisions of article fifth "any organizations or individuals that registered domain name conflicts with the institution or the legitimate rights and interests of individuals, both to the dispute resolution institution complaint".

CNNIC in the "rules" provisions of the.CN domain name does not allow personal registration, in the "settlement of disputes" and "individual" to allow that a registered domain name and its legitimate rights and interests of the conflict, to solve the dispute can lodge a complaint mechanism.

if someone is really in conflict with the legitimate rights and interests of other people’s registered domain name, arbitration. If it is lost, if the arbitration will win what landscape? Because he is a personal CNNIC does not allow him to register CN domain name for the reason that the domain name that he can not accept the transfer, but also can not be deleted after the CNNIC he went to register. The final result is: the domain name or any person who can not always lie in touch CNNIC data, or there are people to register the domain name, he has filed an arbitration application, litigation, cycle.

this is the puzzling CNNIC, the individual does not have the right to register CN domain name, but the domain name has the right to mention the right to dispute arbitration.

two, inconsistent with the upper law. CNNIC "China Internet Network Information Center domain name registration rules" is based on the Ministry of information industry "China Internet domain name management approach" and its authority to develop, in order to facilitate the "measures" in the practical work of the operation of specific and detailed. CNNIC does not have any authority to extend the scope of the "measures",