Ding Tao Division Ma visit Samsung intends to promote exchanges

these days, the Internet industry’s most popular news is "Ma rushed to meet South Korea Samsung Electronics Co CEO Shen were both", foreign media reported that the chairman of the board Ma Ali for two hours of meetings in Seoul with CO CEO of Samsung mobile and President Shen Zongjun, to discuss the business plan.

Although the details of

conspired to media is not disclosed, but from the beginning of 13 China media speculation reported that Ma will close to Korea SamSung executives want to build smart glasses, sparked discussion. But in fact, Ma’s strong desire to meet the real purpose of Samsung executives are likely to be the use of Samsung mobile phone channels to promote Ali’s mobile APP.

speed transit Research Institute said in a report released in April this year, the data show that as of the first quarter of 2013 than apple Samsung has become the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, intelligent mobile phone market share reached 30%, the year is expected to occupy 30% of the global share. In other words, in 2013 Samsung is expected to ship 500 million mobile phones, of which more than 400 million smartphones.

Intelligent mobile phone shipments

every year the amount of 400 million is not a small temptation for any one to the global mobile market layout of the enterprise, the Ali’s dealings in the domestic and foreign competitors have fallen behind the Tencent WeChat (WeChat users worldwide to more than 700 million, only in mainland China more than 500 million), simply rely on the money and the cost of time have been hard to catch up with WeChat, WeChat will be thrown open to the point can not catch.


as an instant messaging APP, unlike Taobao and Alipay applications have policies and boundaries of geographical constraints, it does not involve any offline links, use supports a variety of network environment. If 400 million mobile phone sold around the world each year, Samsung shipments are built in Ali’s dealings (I believe that Ma Yun is willing to pay the price, then hundreds of millions of funds) will be on the Ali internationalization strategy of great power, in the course of the local Chinese will greatly shorten the gap between WeChat and Samsung is currently, you know China intelligent mobile phone the largest supplier of 24.3% share of the market is more effective for Ma Yun cooperation than Samsung employees year-end bonus withholding practices. The author of this paper is dean of the Institute of rapid transit: micro-blog, WeChat (dingdaoshi)