Biography Google fully withdraw from the Chinese market Google cn or will close

according to foreign reports, Google Corporation (Google Inc.) plans to stop the search results of its Chinese version of the search engine to be reviewed, which could mean that will face the fate of being closed.

According to an official blog post,

acknowledged that may have to close, saying the move was related to its Gmail email. Google said: we recognize that this may well mean that the must be closed, and the possibility of closing our offices in china."

last September, Google Greater China President Li Kaifu announced his resignation. At present, China’s online search market has been firmly occupied by China’s Baidu Inc (Baidu Inc.), if eventually closed, Baidu is undoubtedly a major positive.

according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) data, the current number of Internet users in China has exceeded the total population of the United states.

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