Add music class

Insert background image

< TABLE align=center background=" " border=0 cellPadding=0 borderColor=#ffff00 width=" 100%" > < TBODY> < TR> < TD>

content, text or pictures…

< /TD> < /TR> < /TBODY> < /TABLE>

< TABLE> parameter settings (commonly used):

< table width=" 400" border=" 1" cellspacing=" 2" cellpadding=" 2" align=" CENTER" valign=" TOP" background=" myweb.gif" bgcolor=" #0000FF" bordercolor=" #CF0000" bordercolorlight=" #00FF00" bordercolordark=" #00FFFF" cols=" 2" >

width=" 400"

table width, accept absolute values (e.g. 80) and relative values (e.g. 80%).

border=" 1"

table border thickness, different browsers have default values are different, so please specify.

cellspacing=" 2"

the thickness of the grid line

align=" CENTER"

table placement position (level), optional value: left, right, center

valign=" TOP".

The alignment of the contents of the

table (vertical), optional values >