WordPress 3 3 preview release December official version

WordPress3.3 has announced a feature add freeze, is expected in the coming weeks will enter the Beta test phase, WordPress3.3 may be released in December.

WordPress3.3 is the main code of the 3.2 version of the continuity of improvement, and there is no change. But there are still a lot of good improvements: permanent links, changes to some labels and navigation menus, and improvements to UI. WordPress3.3 CSS also has a lot of improvement, loading fewer files, but also reduces the number of CSS files, which will be reflected in the page when the load is more obvious.


management bar is also different, the color is darker and the pixels are improved. Some of the more important management function used the improved drop-down menu display, some sidebar also further integrated into the management field. So, the management did not like before the column page header: the name of the website is still a part of the management of the bar, screen options and "help" still appears in the management field. This makes management page more tidy, but also let you used to use function is hidden when you want, click on them to carry out more operation, this is good or bad, when you use will feel. The management bar is no longer disabled by data management.


tip is a very good feature, they are used to inform users of WordPress or WordPress plug-in some changes. So after you upgrade WP you can see the tips and some updates on the link, if a plug-in has been updated, there will be a reminder to inform the user. The following is the screen options and help icons as well as color change tips


background has the function of adaptive size, according to the size of the screen to display the page, that is, the number of points out of the hardware display is different.

but the biggest difference is in the edit and upload, upload dialog now supports drag and drop functionality and use the Plupload media library technology. Some owners have installed the drag and drop functionality of the plug-in, after the update can be uninstalled. According to the media library, the browser can set the upload different methods, Firefox and Google browser supports drag and drop, Opera will soon be able to support.



article editor uses the latest version of TinyMCE, but the code is changed to better support the editor. The new WP version will use jQuery 1.6.4, jQueryUI 1.8.16

I think the new management will get both praise and blame but the user interface, and API> code.