Taobao impact of physical stores but now they have to be O2O subversion


today, if you go to the China downtown shopping district, will find a dismal picture: dawn department stores have closed the shop, bodied Plaza China World Trade Center shops and Gemini building stores, now finally an Oriental Plaza store evacuated Oriental Plaza; look at the Zhongguancun e world, once the racket has now become a shopping mall the so-called Chinese millennium; Guangzhou is now a serious collapse of the closed shop tide; Chinese the most prosperous Yangtze River Delta area more than half the shops have closed, Yiwu has become a historical myth……

even major brands began to arm to survive, last year, Chinese first brand Bosideng down jacket in just six months, the number of stores from 8216 reduced to 3436, close 4780 stores, a daily average of 19 stores closed, others such as Lining, Anta, PEAK and XTEP are spared, it all this is due to electronic commerce gift. Cheap electricity supplier a serious impact on the line entity stores, along with the gradually younger shoppers, they began to become accustomed to online shopping! But businessmen from the entities under the line to open shop online is really successful implementation of the transformation of the electricity supplier of the


according to the latest statistics show that three years ago, the domestic open shop business is only in the profit of a year ago, but the profit was reduced to 9% of the shop, and this year, this figure is even more terrible, down to the level of. In other words, most of the store business did not actually achieve profitability. On the one hand, the Internet vicious competition is too fierce, the sale price of the commodity is always on the go; on the other hand shop operating costs are actually not low, even higher than the store next line, in addition to labor costs, warehousing costs, and the cost of logistics, platform service fees, the most expensive is the cost of promotion, whether it is in Tmall is in the Jingdong, businesses want to get goods display must be paid advertising, but did not show any


so, for merchants who, in the end where the way out? Is to continue to operate the line of stores, or engaged in e-commerce? The rise of O2O, make the traditional offline businesses to see a new hope, a subversion of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong’s O2O movement has thus opened.

brands — self mode of garment manufacturers collective defection of

is the traditional clothing brand manufacturers, the electricity supplier greatly deprives them of profit sources, can be said that their hearts can not reveal the pain, how to use O2O to launch electricity supplier counterattack become collective appeal brands. On the one hand, they began to build their own online mall instead of completely relying on Tmall, Jingdong, on the other hand they use WeChat public number, and their line outlets combine to create an integrated O2O.

from the brand perspective, traditional brands they passed over the years of operation of the brand, has accumulated a number of loyal fans, these fans wherever they are loyal users. The rise of electricity providers also caused a lot of fake horizontal >