CANN will build a new top level domain screening service to ensure safety

September 1st foreign media news, ICANN today announced the RFP book (Jane RFP) to determine a global background screening service provider, the aim is to fully and timely to all applicants for new top-level domain background investigation.

The new

domain name registration open issue has been repeatedly put forward, but until this year ICANN and the last few years of cooperation with the business groups, the trademark owner, the government and the Internet community were widely discussed, the final ICANN approval of the board of directors allow enterprises and other organizations may apply for a new top level domain.

is currently the world there are 22 types of top-level domain name, including domain name suffixes such as.Com,.Net, familiar with and and.Org, ICANN will open new top-level domain application domain pattern, is expected to expand in the next few years the domain name industry will dramatically increase the number of generic top-level domain.

extensive social feedback and a new top-level domain security and stability based on ICANN has been released, the commitment to working on an extensive background screening for each applicant, its purpose is to provide protection for users and registered people. The scope of the background screening will cover the following: entity applications, important members of the board of directors, managers, partners, entities, major shareholders, etc..

new top-level domain plan will begin accepting applications in January 2012, and received different applicants from around the world, to ensure that the applicant operating the new top-level domain name in the public interest and conditions, and follow the requirements of the project, and in the ICANN approval process is an important part in comprehensive and timely conduct background checks for each applicant critical.