Google in China three companies illegal tax amount exceeds 40 million


[eNet] Silicon Valley Power Information Center News April 1st news, Google in China’s Internet map licensing has been no progress, recently exposed illegal tax evasion, the operating in China further worrying prospect.

according to the "Economic Daily" reported that the tax authorities found in tax inspection routine, three Google owned enterprises in China are illegal tax activities, the amount of up to about 40000000 yuan, has been the relevant tax department shall order rectification, involving taxes, fines have been recovered in storage.

it is reported that the three Google Corporation involved in the case were: goo information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the Shanghai Google search advertising company and information technology (China) Co. Ltd., the tax department found that the three companies use false invoices, such as "massage fee" not included in the cost of cost, not according to the provisions of withholding tax issues.


also published the official response on the matter, not made of Google and the three companies and the relationship between the tax details, only responded by saying "we believe that we have been in compliance with the tax laws Chinese". Google spokesman confirmed that the two companies involved in the report of the three companies in China for Google, Google has a close working relationship with agents.