Skyline listed three new board which will be the last glory and glory BBS

Abstract: the reason why the world has been bad mouthing, in addition to the BBS product itself in the new media era to lose the advantage, there are some problems in their own existence. These problems are not just the so-called restructuring brought about by the pain so simple.


since the start of the big screen mobile Internet, Tianya almost never been like this year, as the high frequency of concern and mention.

in March this year, Xicihutong elong was traced to 85 million yuan sold to Zijin huiwen. The two owners of the West Temple, its style and temperament has been initially far apart, these years of development can be difficult generalization. Many users lamented withered and was taken out and pay homage to the Tianya community. After Tianya three new board listing documents disclosed and misinformation resale storm, will be more numerous users into memory and regret. And in July 28th the banner network attracted more close friends lamented: Daqi dead, there will be far?

change: listed on the new board, hopes and dreams last

Tianya community as a representative of the BBS community site, has been standing on the top of the BBS despise the chain. That time WeChat micro-blog has not yet appeared, so as a highly active Internet users in the Chinese community, has been an important source of public opinion. The "melamine" event, a new "her bare die", "Tang Jun and a fabrication of academic credentials" small month events were originally from the end of the world hot eventually evolved into a national event. But in micro-blog, WeChat has become the main users of the social networking platform today, although still standing in the BBS horizon despise chain top, but with the decline of BBS community as a whole, and has few major revelations triggered by the end of the world, so imperceptibly has become a public contempt for the end of the chain, a bad mouthing argument in the representative BBS the evidence. If not a lot of BBS communities have been closed or change, Tianya community itself seems to have been difficult to appear in the mainstream news reports. Now, Katie, West Temple,, CILU and more famous veteran BBS community all linger on the case, the situation is slightly better world will become Chinese BBS one last straw, if Tianya is really down, that is almost equal to the BBS last hope will completely fall, no vitality.

BBS is in bad mouthing topic continued to rise in the evening of July 31st, in the teeth of the storm, the world community to the National SME share transfer system (the new board) official website updated "public transfer instructions". This means that there is no accident, it was in Chinese all-powerful on the Internet, now as the old community Chinese BBS last hope will soon officially landed three new board. Earlier, after sixteen years of vicissitudes of the world, had planned to go abroad and listed in the domestic gem, but the results are failure. Different from other markets, the main board listed companies must be profitable for three consecutive years, even in the gem listing, but also a year of profit, and in the new three >