WordPress 3 2 RC version released into the test phase


article from the official website -wordpress.org

in the beta phase, after the final version, the release of the RC1 version. This version will be accomplished in R & D, but millions of users, a variety of configurations, and tens of thousands of plug-ins, and still waiting for the new version of the test, so, if you haven’t tried WordPress 3.2, now is the time! But please note that if you are not particularly adventurous, please don’t test in normal operation of the website.

· there are a lot of changes in the new version, please test the plugin and theme compatibility issues so that we can solve the problem before the final release.

· we encourage users to test, if there is a problem, you also need to tell you about the trial of the plugin or theme developers

· some have solved the problem, please click to view

test found any problems, you can tell us by the following:

· in alphabeta or wp-testers AC


· join IRC development channel, and tell us directly in


· submit bug report

Happy testing!