Airbnb completed 1 billion 500 million financing valuation rose to 25 billion 500 million

[Abstract] the main reason for]Airbnb’s massive financing is that it expects revenue growth in the future.

BI Chinese station on June 27th reported

according to informed sources, the individual housing short rental website Airbnb completed $1 billion 500 million financing, the company reached $25 billion 500 million valuation.

Wall Street journal earlier reported the news.

two weeks ago, there are rumors that Airbnb financing scale of $1 billion, the company valued at $24 billion. In fact, the size of the Airbnb’s financing is more than the size of the rumors, and the company’s valuation is also more than the rumors said the figure.

now, Airbnb’s valuation exceeded the hotel chain giant Marriott (Marriott) ($21 billion), is two times the valuation of tourism website Expedia.

Airbnb dare to large-scale financing is the main reason it expects future revenue will grow significantly. Airbnb expects revenue to reach $10 billion by 2020, interest income tax depreciation and diluted earnings will reach $3 billion.

Airbnb it is expected this year’s revenue of $850 million, an operating loss of $150 million, the loss of reason is that the company intends to promote its services to more markets, and tax laws and regulations and accommodation and other issues with the government departments to negotiate.

Airbnb has recently opened the Cuban market successfully, although Cuba can access the Internet is not much, but the site has more than 2000 rental information issued.

but Airbnb is still facing a major problem in terms of regulation.

many cities do not allow owners to rent out their own rooms like hotels. In San Francisco, for example, many owners have found that if they rent out a house on the Airbnb platform, they will be notified. And that raises a big debate about how to manage short-term tenants. At the same time, Airbnb launched a charm offensive, and recently also made a series of new ads to emphasize its contribution to the city.

there was a time when it was illegal to use Airbnb in New York. But later overturned in court. Now, Airbnb wants New York to allow it to pay the hotel tax as it does in other cities such as San Francisco and washington.

, according to informed sources, the current round of financing led investment companies including General Atlantic, Hillhouse capital group and tiger global fund. Other companies involved in investment include public fund management companies such as Wellington and love investment Private Companies and investor Bailey · Gifford (Baillie Gifford).

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