Tencent electricity supplier integration prologue will open Mall and pat into QQ online shopping

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Yang Yang

do you share QQ online shopping, QQ mall? This makes it difficult for consumers to answer questions about to disappear.

exclusive newspaper was informed that, following the beginning of March 1st charges, the second step of Tencent e-commerce big move is about to kick off: integration.

The current plan is

, the Tencent B2C professional platform — QQ Mall (shop.qq.com) after integration and a series of screening, part of a strong, good service, good logistics and ERP docking system and Tencent of the electricity supplier, will be upgraded to QQ online shopping (buy.qq.com), YISHION is currently more than a dozen the brand has begun to access related work. Tencent electricity supplier will be upgraded to QQ online shopping in a brand Street channel, and pat Network will likely become QQ online shopping in the market".

this is not only a simple channel which channels to enter the business, which is reflected in the strategic intent of Tencent in the electricity supplier: the future of Tencent will focus on the advantages of resource flow to the online shopping platform. Song Yang, deputy general manager of Tencent e-commerce platform, said the future of e-commerce Tencent only one main brand QQ online shopping". Prior to Tencent e-commerce business has three platforms, QQ mall, pat Network and QQ online shopping.

is the Tencent for e-commerce business with three entrance, a real problem is how to let users who confused find their own place to go, otherwise this is Ma Huateng placed high expectations of the business, will not be able to assume the future of Tencent.

is responsible for the business of the Tencent senior vice president Wu Xiaoguang said the Tencent, the rapid growth of the past from the entertainment business, the company is to within 5 years by involved in the electricity supplier industry, to create a consumer as the core of the platform, the electricity supplier will become the new growth point of Tencent Inc. Wu Xiaoguang revealed that this year the main objective of the integration of Tencent electricity supplier platform is the goal of the next 5 years is to achieve the transaction amount of $200 billion.


must be "Brokeback"

According to

Song Yang’s argument, QQ mall high-quality businesses will gradually upgrade to online shopping. Online shopping will search oriented two entrance, a small seller pat Network, the other is the QQ online shopping in the big B2C, such as jewellery channel, mainly by the Tencent to invest Kelan diamond business.

According to Tencent

e-commerce business of the original plan, pat Network mainly to do C2C business, QQ mall to host the B2C – but the Tencent e-commerce platform operators have found that this B2C can not solve the user quick shopping, or to ask each user to store in? ", also cannot avoid" Virtual Library: single user after the business to purchase so that delivery long time experience.

The biggest problem with

at the same time running three platforms is that the customer >