Such dea we should appreciate

days ago, accidentally saw a head out of such a service ( Tid-373.html), to provide a forum for the exchange platform for the world free webmaster. I appreciate this help for Idea,

first, regardless of whether such a Idea can be successful, but as a grassroots webmaster, he has the least of the service of the spirit of the masses, to provide free communication platform for the world forum, it is worth a praise.

secondly, this Idea can save a lot of resources for the world Webmaster:

now, China tens of thousands of grassroots webmaster, each stationmaster basically have their own forum, although the forum is open every webmaster, as long as you are willing to, not an hour can build a forum, but the premise is that the network space station? Maintenance time now? The space is also very cheap, but a webmaster province 100, one hundred owners can save 10000 yuan, it will be a great space and cost, the forum was built up, but also from time to time maintenance, it also takes a lot of time and effort. And all of this, as long as you apply for a forum on the forum, will be removed from the.

third, the Idea can bring a lot of free flow of the world’s Webmaster:

we think, if there are one hundred stations in this forum built on the forum, a forum for this station to 100 IP, the total is 10000 IP, and 10000 IP during the browsing, each section will accept information, according to the probability of 1%, for the 100 stations with 100 new IP not


so, I appreciate this kind of Idea, so mutual benefit of Idea, is the webmaster should learn!