19 floor 19 floor space sued the fake case final win

yesterday, 19 floor, 19 floor, this fake space sued the field in the Internet community wide concern of the network domain name infringement cases, there is a legal conclusion.

The higher people’s Court of Zhejiang province

the final judgment, the maintenance of Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s court after the verdict, the 19 operators are building space network media quickly won, Li Gui must stop the infringement, the cancellation of the domain name, and compensation for economic losses of more than 6 yuan.

said the verdict, Wang violation of the principle of honesty and credit, and use fast media prior registration and enjoys the well-known 19floor.net domain name is similar to the domain name, and the columns and page layout is similar, there are deliberate confusion, enough to cause the relevant public to mistake the two domain name and its corresponding website in fact, his behavior constituted unfair competition. The verdict facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, should be maintained.

was created by the city express in 2001, because the office is located in Hangzhou daily building 19 and the name of the 19 floor space, after 7 years of development, has become the 2 million 200 thousand registered users, the daily post 350 thousand large community website, and have been issued by the Ministry of information industry "Chinese most investment value of the site, issued 100" the General Administration of press and publication of the first batch of Chinese digital newspaper innovation project award ", issued by Hangzhou Committee reviews the quality of life of leisure and entertainment, digital three awards.

and www.19floor.com for the domain name, 19 floor forum, it was in the second half of 2005 before the advent of the Internet, the current daily posting around 5000. But the latter is still part of the 19 floor of the net friend has brought great trouble – often touch the wrong door, do not log on, but also thought he forgot the password, tossing a long time before it was found to be in the wrong place.

Wang’s 19 floor forum, its essence is a kind of imitation of famous sites of hitchhiking, dew, serious to confuse the public, caused the public misunderstanding, violated the 19 floor space and the rights and interests of the majority of users." Fast media said yesterday.