Domestic well known Web site folding network suffered traffic attack maintenance

m fold network for the Hangzhou show Agel Ecommerce Ltd’s website, founded by the original Alibaba team in 2011, is a focus on online shopping to save money in China’s leading electricity supplier shopping platform. Meters off the network to provide consumers with shopping rebates, coupons, shopping, group purchase one-stop service to share the money, has been with Tmall,, Dangdang, shop No. 1, more than and 600 online shopping mall has established cooperation for millions of consumers in service at the same time, a month for business cooperation with hundreds of millions of sales.

at present, the site staff are trying to fix, the following is the rice fold network announcement content:

" meters off the network is suffering a huge flow of malicious attacks, we are struggling to resolve, and had been a single rebate account information is not affected, the inconvenience apologize! "