YY entertainment how to treat 9158 listed

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tiger sniffing station yesterday issued a "9158 mortgage Veil: the biggest video show, what is going on?" one article, involving 9158 and gathered era who is the industry leader and other problems. Integrated Reader problem, tiger sniffing Jun YY entertainment responsible person for verification, the results are summarized as follows:

9158 business model often used to compare with YY, what is the difference between the two?

often outside all online video music business to show business, but it ignores the various different product forms, operation strategy, content features and style, as well as the differences in market share.

first, YY entertainment to enrich communication tools – YY voice platform based. The tool currently has five hundred million or six hundred million installed, tens of millions of daily active users, other Internet video music performance service providers on the market, there is no such platform based, many of them only WEB products.

second, due to the difference of the first point, other service providers on the market, there is no strong flow platform, so operators can only rely on external sources to do to promote the flow, which can lead to costly channels, so a lot of difficult to continue, YY entertainment does not exist this problem.

third, the size of the market, Q1 in 2014 as an example, the celebrations of the times online music and entertainment services revenue was 383 million 100 thousand yuan ($61 million 600 thousand), growth of 228% over the same period last year 116 million 800 thousand yuan. At present, YY entertainment signed singer on tens of thousands of daily active users, over ten million per month, give only the singer, guild and other partners have six or seven million revenue.

fourth, the direction of business strategy, YY entertainment has a strict regulatory system, to build a healthy and good community space, policy risk, operational risk is low.

fifth, the performance of the form is more abundant. YY entertainment is not only a singing performance, UGC’s creativity in this release, presided over, dubbing, chat, DJ, drama and so on, all kinds of performance forms have their fixed players and fans.

9158 prospectus mentioned that their current market share is the first in mainland China market, accounting for more than 33.9%, while YY entertainment ranked second, accounting for more than 23%. YY what do you think?

first, the 9158 prospectus on the size and share of this market are described, from a directional business report, we have reason to doubt its scientific nature.

secondly, we note that there is such an interesting explanation in the 9158 prospectus:

The total market size

measurement Chinese real-time social video community, the total consumer spending is more desirable, because the user spending includes all parties involved in the real-time social video community ecosystem (such as platform operators, distributors and sales agents, and the main anchor) received payment. On the contrary, the platform operator >