Ma Yun almost all the major decisions have made in my company have nothing to do with money

Abstract: Ma Yun believes that entrepreneurs should be responsible to society, the media not to appraisal the "richest" title, the influence of such wealth for society brought China appraisal is not good, "the richest man" should be the first negative, responsible "negative".


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] as the saying goes, titanium Media Editor Ma Yun did not rape, when the teacher. When he looked down on the merchant to reassure the group, until his years as a businessman, he felt proud of "deeply for this class, this group".

yesterday (8 days) Chinese Entrepreneurs Club held a press conference, Ma Yun replaced Liu Chuanzhi as the new chairman of the club, published his thoughts on China merchant groups, and puts forward the qualified entrepreneurs should be how to deal with various kinds of social relations, how should we treat this group. When people are talking about the "richest man", as the "rich" into a responsible "negative", because in addition to the value of wealth, Ma Yun believes that entrepreneurs should bring more value to society, and hope that businessmen can set an example for children today, tomorrow, hope the children to write "ideal in addition, when the mayor, scientists, artists, can also say that I want to be a businessman".

to take these responsibilities, Ma proposed Chinese entrepreneurs should deal with the four relationships:

first is the relationship between Chinese entrepreneurs and money. When entrepreneurs in making important decisions, the real side of the temple is Never mind with money, with morals, values, social responsibility relationship. "I feel like I’ve made almost every major decision in the company. It’s not about money."

followed by the government. Entrepreneur is a scientist in the economic and social development. In the process of economic and social development, it is necessary for a group of people to grasp and guide the economy.

third is a relationship with the world. Chinese entrepreneurs to globalization is not a global expedition, but into the world, to participate in the global. How to participate in the development of globalization, into the local process, to create value for the local and overseas, in the local people can become truly respected.

is finally dealing with the future. Entrepreneurs should be full of gratitude for yesterday, the future is full of awe, today is full of treasure, to create value for growth and social progress.

The following is an excerpt of the speech

Ma, talk about the relationship between entrepreneurs and money, government, the world and the future of China:

I used to be a teacher, did not think highly of businessmen, some say businessmen basically not rape, bought and sold, it is not what reselling. But I have done for so many years, do business, do business, I am deeply proud of this class, this group.

when a businessman, in fact, is not easy to do business in China have a sense of accomplishment, there is a great sense of responsibility, but this class