Daily topic bitcoin frenzy behind the huge risks are hidden

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 29th news, bitcoin trend is becoming increasingly hot, seems to have become one of the most talked about investment areas. The sharp drop in bitcoin is also a sudden heart down. With the last week, the market value of bitcoin rose sharply fall, bitcoin once again return to public view.

bitcoin trend more fiery. Data show that at 7:45 yesterday, the world’s largest trading platform Mt.Gox, the value of bitcoin jumped to a new high of $1094.794. The Chinese bitcoin trading platform fire currency network CEO Li Lin told reporters yesterday, the new players in November increased significantly, more than half of the major customers are women. In Li Lin’s concept, the so-called big customer is a investment of tens of millions or even more customers, although these large customers from the number is not the mainstream, but the amount of funds invested has accounted for about 30% of the total trading volume of the platform. "You often hear the customer service staff to answer the phone is Li, Wang, and they do more is the family finance."

in Chinese investors and miners under the impetus of the bitcoin market soared, the price reached the highest point in November 19th 3490 yuan, only after less than 24 hours, in November 19th, almost doubling in price trend exceeded 6000 yuan mark, China major bitcoin trading platform daily trading scale hundreds of millions, to the beginning of this year the price as a starting point, bitcoin prices reached an alarming 46 times. At present, most people want to enter the bitcoin industry tend to have two ways, one is to purchase specialized equipment "mining", one is through the trading of exchange etc..

bitcoin crazy let many investors overnight. There are optimistic investors joked: "now bitcoin is a equivalent to an apple mobile phone, after a is the equivalent of a house". Along with the way of bitcoin prices soaring, Chinese investors have no patience to buy "mining machine" and "pool" day in and day out in Denver, now we basically are buying direct products of bitcoin, and then sold in the trading platform. Bitcoin rose sharply, cannot do without China speculators admission cheer, the current global various trading platforms are Chinese marked, in addition, according to a website statistics, recently more than ten million yuan RMB transactions total VIP users, 40% were female, "Chinese aunt" again appeared bitcoin arena.

recently, deputy central bank governor Yi Gang said this publicly, from the people’s bank angle, the legitimacy of the recent may not recognize bitcoin but at the same time, bitcoin as an Internet business behavior, ordinary people have the freedom to participate. In addition, Yi Gang also said that bitcoin is very characteristic, with inspiration, individuals will maintain long-term concern.

in addition, the industry believes that the price of bitcoin has exceeded its due value, and large