PHPWind second style masters start

recently, the well-known Internet software provider PHPWind held a second style masters, for its forum software phpwind series of new version of the collection of excellent style collection of the. It is reported that the contest from April 23rd to June 20th will continue for two months, to participate in the activities of the style can be used in the PHPWind7.3 and 7.3.2 versions will be entries in the selection of 5 outstanding awards and 10 finalist awards, prizes were BenQ 22 inch E2200HDP LCD with Ipod shuffle 2.

the theme of this contest is unlimited upgrade of ideas, wonderful with the need to show, intended to convey the PHPWind each time will be integrated into the excellent ideas, so that users have a wonderful experience. PHPWind company hopes that many authors and design enthusiasts to participate in the development of PHPWind products surrounding resources, to provide users with more excellent style.

contest invited Sohu product technology center chief visual designer Sophie, Thousand Oaks Information Center Director Mao Yu, CNZZ designer Ma Huatao, cool station founder Liang Yaoming and Yahoo China visual designer Lan Hui and a group of senior designers as the judges.

, senior designer contest judges Lan Hui, excellent design have important influence for any product, stable style, sophisticated user interface software is an important performance of mature products, product design will be excellent with the brand image, such as the Microsoft Windows series, Kingsoft etc.. Exterior design is one of the gap between domestic software enterprises and foreign countries, PHPWind’s emphasis on the design, reflecting the maturity of the product from PHPWind to the enterprise.

owns, Qianxiang interactive Facebook several well-known community, the Visual Design Director Mao sent rain to participate in the competition evaluation work style, he said: the PHPWind style masters also reflects the market higher requirements for "beautiful, makes us (industry) to increase the product user experience attention, which reflects the core competitiveness of software enterprises.

with the increasing application of network community more abundant, users require more beautiful user interface and convenient operation, according to the reporter, not long ago, as a domestic large Sohu website a few blog channel, launched the first in its blog theme style designer contest prize, the total prize money of up to 100 thousand yuan, attracted the active participation of the country and overseas many excellent designers, this is some people engaged in design work to broaden the occupation development path. The importance of the user experience, but also to promote the software developers to pay attention to the appearance of the product, the network software industry increasingly mature market to improve the development of good.

contest address: H_name=style2