Dai Zhikang QQ connect is still testing the site’s growing 40% users

news January 19th, Comsenz founder and President Dai Zhikang, in a speech, first announced the operation data of QQ Connect. He said, Discuz invited some of the community to test QQ Connect, the invited community on the line QQ Connect, the average daily registration volume increased by more than 40%.

QQ Connect is launched by the Tencent for the third party website QQ account login system, users can use the QQ account, in cooperation with the site to facilitate the use of login and site features. At present, this service is still in the testing phase invitation, this service can be operated through sharing, reprint, help website operators to attract popularity and import traffic from QQ, micro-blog and other Tencent space platform.

Dai Zhikang announced the figures in his speech: Discuz! Official website Discuz.net users in line with QQ Connect service, the daily amount of registered users increased by 46%, the daily user login volume growth of 27%, QQ users within one week of the two landing rate was 39%, per capita share to the number of posts for 1.2 QQ space, QQ space visit the user registration rate of 11%.

He also said: "in addition to the

Discuz.net website, Comsenz also invited some cooperation community to test these invited local communities, vertical community, entertainment community, in line with QQ Connect services, the average daily increase in registered more than 40%, after a period of time, there will be considerable user understanding, familiar with and retained the corporate website."

Dai Zhikang revealed that the Tencent team is to increase R & D efforts, and test station to improve the technical implementation of the program, and gradually achieve the promotion and popularization of QQ Connect services. (He Feng)