The music at a second Jia Yueting pledged shares fell below the liquidation line 64 81%

downturn in the stock price, will become the music as the funding strand breaks fuse


December 6th, LETV closed at 35.8 yuan per share, fell 7.85%, intraday low of 35.01 yuan per share, almost hit a limit.

it is worth noting that, according to the Oriental Wealth Choice, Jia Yueting has a net equity pledge as the opening line of 35.21 yuan. That is to say, as SkyDrive fell below the sum of equity pledge and the pledge of stock open line, a total of 507 million 332 thousand and 300 shares, Ganja Yueting stake up to 64.81%.


pictured as the trend today, the lowest intraday price of 35.01 yuan per share

, a broker who told the Mustang Finance said, fell Never mind, as long as the rose up on the line in the closing, and below the open line, was forced open wouldn’t be in two days to complete the amount. He also pointed out that the stock can continue to pledge or cash in exchange for cash.

can be seen from the chart, below the open line, the stock price was quickly pulled, closing price is slightly higher than the closing price, there seems to be a capital admission fire, don’t know whether Jia Yueting’s classmates once again pulled the a.

in addition, the data show that as of October 26, 2015, Jia Yueting cumulative holdings of 77.74% LETV stock, representing the company’s total share capital of 32.79%.


the Jia Yueting LETV stock pledge status (source: Choice) the pledge rate of 77.74%, there are still some relaxation space, but it also faces some embarrassing questions: 35.21 yuan per share closing price, can first open line one step away; but whether to pledge or sell cash, are will the capital chain tension further convey signals to the market, is not conducive to the stock price.


, the broker said, the pledge of stock at different prices, if the top (highest price pledge) stock in the warehouse explosion, selling pressure in the market and pledge in case of shortage of funds, most likely to form a "chain reaction, stampede incident.

this time, LETV stock has reached the edge of the cliff, Jia Yueting can rely on their own PPT to