China’s network media streaming trend significantly

The degree of fragmentation of the Internet media, search engines are increasingly fragmented Internet marketing. DCCI Internet data center in statistics in the first half of 2008 China Internet traffic (the first half of the total PV) which found that comprehensive portal accounted for only 20.4% of the flow, and other various types of Web sites a total of more than 70 kinds of traffic accounted for nearly 80%, it can be seen that China Internet traffic is the various types of Web sites become increasingly decentralized, fragmented Internet the media intensified. Search engine as the entrance of the Internet, is the effective marketing fragmentation of the internet.

(Note: half a year total PV (Page Views) constitute the proportion of various types of sites in the first half of 2008, the total number of page views divided by the total number of web pages generated by all Internet sites in china. The index is mainly reflected in China’s Internet site from the PV angle of the flow structure

market leader in the future is not large, the mainstream of the Internet market media diversification. DCCI Netmonitor2008 monitoring data show that the first half, although the integrated portal is still the highest audience reach the field, but the search engine has been close to its basic. More noteworthy is that the mainstream media is taking shape. Such as the C2C electronic commerce website as a media to highlight the value of; such as financial websites for typical vertical websites, affecting nearly half of Internet audience; just as the two or three years of development field of video sharing, has become one of the mainstream media, access time index to the portal; such as community as the media has affected more than 7 of the audience become the mainstream media.

media diversification, fragmentation, resulting in an increasingly diversified access behavior, leading to the difficulty of online advertising. On the one hand, each site the user visits decline, the first half of 08 users per month per site visits than 07 drop 2.7 times; on the other hand, increasing the length of each site visit, the first half of 08 users per month for each site visit longer than 07 years increased 13.6 minutes. That is, the value of each site from the perspective of the media is increasing, but loyalty is declining. Therefore, the advertising of a single page, although the audience access to grow longer, but the audience coverage decreased, the difficulty of advertising, advertising needs to achieve dynamic, flexible delivery.

therefore, through the technology to achieve centralized media procurement, distribution, so as to achieve the effect of polymerization and precision marketing operations

platform is the real winner. Media fragmentation, profound changes will greatly increase the Internet advertising market, simply by advertising agencies to implement a centralized procurement agent will be in technology to realize centralized purchasing, delivery, distribution, the effect of polymerization technology of precision marketing platform replaced, such as the intermediate polymer at both ends of the distribution open advertising and more open advertising the trading platform is replaced, because the latter instant service ability, cost effectiveness and accuracy far more than.